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Pneumatic Needle Scalers 590464

The needles applied to this pneumatic jet chisel JEX-28 / JEX-66

2mm needles x 66 pcs

3mm needles x 28 pcs

4mm needles x 14 pcs

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For chiseling or smoothing welds, castings and other materials. Never skip a blow, cleans and descales all jobs fast. Jet chisel needles adjust to the contour of any surface automatically.

The chisel can reach into corners, curvatures, and uneven surfaces, making it a tool no shop should be without. Thanks to the unprecedented original air operated needle return mechanism, no springs to break, no irregular power and the advantage of low air consumption.

IMPA: 590464

Packing Quantity: 6 Sets

G.W.: 21 kgs/Ctn

MEA: 42 x 39 x 22 cm

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