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Electric Scaling Machine AllK 400

Scaling width: 400 mm

Available voltage: 110v, 220v, 380v, 440v.

All spares are available upon request.


Developed for de-scaling along edges, smaller areas and spot scaling surfaces. The use and fast replacement of specially prepared chain links is the key to this quick and efficient surface treatment.

This machine uses a disposable chain drum system with specially prepared chain links that deliver 28,000 of blows per minute and this is the key to its quick and efficient method of surface preparation.

Equivalent to 591213, 591214, 591219

IMPA Code Voltage Phase Power Power Frequency RPM
591213.001 AC 110V 1 750w 60Hz 1400
591213 AC 220V 1 750w 50/60Hz 1400
591214 AC 220V 3 750w 50/60Hz 1400
591219 AC 380/440V 3 750w 50/60Hz 1400
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