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Electric Scaling Machine AllK 1200

Scaling Width: 1200 mm.

With 3 pcs chain drums in it.

Available voltage: 110v, 220v, 380v, 440v.

All spares are available upon request.

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Developed for de-scaling smaller areas and spot scaling surfaces. This scaling machine uses a disposable chain drum system with specially prepared chain links that deliver 80,000 blows per minute and this is the key to its quick and efficient method of surface preparation.

Capacity:12 sqm per hour.

CODE Voltage Phase Power Frequency RPM
591210.001 AC 110V 1 750W 60Hz 1400
591210 AC 220V 1 750W 50/60Hz 1400
591211 AC 220V 3 750W 50/60Hz 1400
591212 AC 440V 3 750W 50/60Hz 1400
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